Some sketches from my sketchbook that I filled out. I’m taking these and fleshing them out into full characters.

I hardly ever draw women that I don’t know, so I made this sketchbook got an estrogen boost. More to come!

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•Average frame rate for this show - 34-40 fps
•Average frame rate for general (flash) animated TV series -20-24 fps
ok I’m going to freak out for a second and just say as an animation major I study this show constantly based on it’s mastery level of using the principles of animation and in action in motions. There are a large number of people who can’t stomach the content of the show (which is ok) but those of us who can watch it know how it’s basically porn for aspiring animators. While only being paid an Adult Swim salary, the Superjail crew display an overwhelming amount of talent and skill that people would normally expect to see in the old hand-drawn department of Disney or something. Also, IT IS MADE WITH FLASH. DO I EVEN NEED TO GET INTO WHY THAT’S SO STUNNING AND SIGNIFICANT!?

The first season was produced in Augenblick Studios in 2008 and is now being produced in Titmouse Studios since season 2. The animation in this series has been described as “barouque and complicated and hard to take in at a single viewing” since day one. I think I’m going to stop now otherwise I’m never going to. Ally out.      

newsflash, the SJ! crew is awesome but this shouldn’t come as a surprise. shoutout to briankproductions racheldoodles azuremakes chunksthemighty omegalbagel lizgigg and other-titmice-whose-tumblrs-i-don’t-know!! you guys deserve all the chocolate cake and fan rainbows. c:

Hey! I worked on this show :) Along with a ton of other super talented people. I’m incredibly lucky!! 

And I used to work on it! Yay

I worked on the last season! Woo hoo!

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Two years ago, my friend and Oatley Academy colleague Sarah Marino appeared on what is, to date, the most frequently downloaded episode of The ArtCast: The Rising Stars Of Animation.

Like every other guest on that show, Sarah has, as I predicted, gone on to great success.

After wrapping as visual development artist on The Book Of Life (the gorgeous new animated feature from Reel FX) she moved to Burbank to join the art department on Nickelodeon’s new preschool series Shimmer and Shine.

In this episode, Sarah shares the story of her happy, creative childhood, her positive experience at Ringling College Of Art and Design and the subsequent, disarming struggle of breaking into the animation industry.

…and in the Q&A segment, we respond to a listener question about developing your concept art portfolio.


  • The unflattering truth of Sarah’s struggle to break into the animation industry.
  • The pros and cons of a big, expensive, physical art school.
  • Developing your concept art portfolio.
  • Sailor Moon, Netflix binges and CG bear butts!
  • The value of remembering why you love making art.

Get more information about Sarah’s upcoming Magic Box Mentor Sessions here:

These are two amazing people that you should definitely talk to about anything if you ever get the chance to meet them (cough CTN COUGH COUGH).  Listen to this!

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Batgirl for Sketch_Dailies!!

Fuck yeah James Lien


Batgirl for Sketch_Dailies!!

Fuck yeah James Lien

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